Meleegy's Blog

Welcome to Meleegy's Blog, a place where I put some thoughts in a digital form. I was born right around the beginning of the '90, when the internet was just becoming more accessible to the random folk. I came of age in the early naughts, and wholeheartedly embraced the internet as a powerful tool for global reach of information.

I remember spending long nights reading an early incarnation of a website called, where I learned about how internal combustion engines worked, and about how to impress women with ridiculous pick up lines on internet places like

There was a lot in between there. There was MySpace. There was Tagged. There were the multitude of messaging apps like ICQ, MSN and Yahoo! Messenger, and so on and so on.

On the old, quirky internet, I discovered I could study abroad. I discovered I could travel the world. I learned about Steve Jobs and watched his revealing of the iPhone a hundred times. I discovered Formula 1, which became a lifelong passion. I discovered that I could find a world of books that simply weren't available in Egypt. And I learned that I could meet people online without having to meet in them in person.

The internet was a quirky place.

After I finished college, I worked for a couple of old, large tech companies - your IBMs and SAPs. People used to say that these were amazing places to work, but for someone looking to make an impact, they weren't the place for me.

So I left them behind and started working at startups. I worked at post-Seed and post-Series A companies. I learned a bunch of lessons about working at, running, and succeeding at startups. I got burned, so many times, and I failed. I failed big.

Now, I am returning to my roots. I want to work on the internet that allowed me to discover so much beyond the confines of my house, my neighborhood, and my country. I want to work on tech that will transcend physical borders, and will allow millions of youth to discover ideas, places and experiences that would never be possible without a connection.