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Hi there - great to see you wanted to check out my work!

This of this is an expanded resumé. I'm going to list my work, company references and so on.

Kaizo - Go-To-Market - Feb'22 - Nov'23
At Kaizo, I lead Sales and Customer Success. I helped double the company's ARR, added 50% more customers, and helped overhaul the website, our pricing and introduce new products.

It's hard to over emphasize the impact this experience has had on me. I learned some really, really hard lessons about go-to-market at early-stage companies. It's hard to know what to do when you don't have product-market fit, and it even harder to engineer product-market fit, as far as go-to-market is concerned. The relentless pressure that weighs on you when you are expected to deliver certain results, and it seems that none of you are doing is getting you the results you need.

The occasional wins are made so much more valuable because they are hard to come by. They give you the fuel to keep going. They tell you you're doing something right, even if you're doing a lot wrong.

Instabug - Enterprise Account Executive - Feb'19 - Feb'22
In a sentence, Instabug kicked off my love for tech startups, and it's where I started my career in sales.

Instabug is incredibly well-run by the best co-founders I have seen so far, Omar Gabr and Moataz Soliman. Both humble, hardworking, incredibly smart and truly dedicated to their company, but even more dedicated to their craft.

At Instabug, I was able to go from barely achieving quota, to achieving 183%, closing the biggest ever deal at the company, and many more achievements. The team that allowed me to do this was exceptional, from product to Customer Support, everyone went above and beyond to help, and few cared about the recognition. I loved working with this team.

Instabug taught me most of what I know about how to apply critical thinking to growth, startups, scaling and customer acquisition.

Various Roles at IBM & SAP, July'16 - Jan'19.
Oberlin College, Sept'12 - May'16.